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Fueling entrepreneurial ambition by transforming groundbreaking ideas into market-disrupting realities.

Puraido was founded in 2015 by a group of passionate people who believed in the power of design to create memorable experiences.

Puraido emerged from a collective fervor for excellence, driven by an unwavering belief in design’s capacity to craft unparalleled experiences, setting a new standard in the industry.


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Our Values

At Puraido, our core values define who we are and guide our work

Puraido’s bedrock is an unwavering commitment to creativity, collaboration, excellence, and innovation – core values that shape our identity and drive our pursuit of startup supremacy.


Unleashing limitless imagination, we architect bold ideas that reshape industries.


Mediocrity is banished, as we relentlessly pursue peerless quality and outstanding results.


Synergizing diverse perspectives, our united front catalyzes startup triumphs.


Disruption is our mantra, fueling groundbreaking solutions that propel the tech frontier.

The Team

Meet the brilliant minds behind our success

Thomas Andreasen

Thomas Andreasen

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Kehler

Jeff Kehler

Senior Software Engineer

Hamid Farzi

Hamid Farzi

Web Developer

Thomas Momme

Thomas Momme

Machine Learning Engineer

Chanchon Yaemsri

Chanchon Yaemsri

Admin Staff

Nuengruethai Mimsong

Nuengruethai Mimsong


We proudly work with a diverse range of technology leaders

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